Friday, October 20, 2006

USA Greenhouse Laws by 2015?

Well, well, well....

Talk about a bit of good news. Reuters has this story on the attitude of US businesses towards global warming and regulations...

"If you're looking for proof climate change is happening, stop looking for receding glaciers and start looking at the changing marketplace," said Andrew Hoffman of the University of Michigan, who wrote the report. "

"Of 31 major corporations that completed a 100-question survey, 90 percent expect the U.S. government to set standards for greenhouse gas emissions imminently; 67 percent believe those laws will go into effect between 2010 and 2015."

This is very, very good news. It shows that it looks more and more like we have reached the tipping point. The point where the deniers are left standing in the corner and the rest of the world accepts reality and starts taking action. As the article says there are currently seven proposals being worked on in Senate...

And a point I have made many times, that corporations simply have to act if they want to influence policy is confirmed by Shell:

"As a large energy company ... we find ourselves in the middle of the greenhouse gas debate whether we like to or not," Armstrong said. "As this concern on this policy changes, our industry in the next 50 years may face radical changes. therefore we would really like a seat at the table."

The deniers are missing the point. They have become so caught up in their own propaganda war they fail to realize the "enemy" is no longer bothered with them. Not much point having a fight on your own...

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