Thursday, October 26, 2006

Alien TV...

I suppose it is a bit of a confirmation that television in general is not getting any better when we start hoping for alien TV transmissions. The ITV website (a UK television station) has this story today regarding a new radio telescope that will be keeping an eye out for alien television broadcasts...

"Scientist Dr Abraham Loeb, from Harvard University in the US, said: "By a happy accident, the telescopes will be sensitive to just the kind of radio emission that our civilisation is leaking into space."
If ET is producing similar signals, these will be visible as "spikes" in the radio spectrum, a science magazine reported."

The article also mentions that in order for us to see these signals the aliens would need to be just as advanced as our civilization. Proof of which is of course Big Brother.

Obviously we would also have to hope that they are using the same television signal standard. Something even us good humans on earth can't agree on.

The first intercepted alien televisionbroadcast is already on the net... It does not make for happy viewing...

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